Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to +PNA Reality.........

It was a good sign that the storm over the weekend was able to come further West and pick up more moisture than expected. It showed that the teleconnection pattern globally is loosening and allowing the ridge to be able to retrograde Westward. Northstar ended up with 6 inches of snow which made for some really nice conditions yesterday.

We are still in a +PNA pattern and the ridge has moved back off the coast. This means we will stay dry again this week, but the temps will stay fairly cold with the really cold air dropping down just to our East. Over the course of this week the PNA pattern is going to trend towards negative and hopefully go negative next week. The extension of the East Asian jet has also begun to weaken which is a good sign. Starting next weekend we should see the ridge begin to move North in the Pacific and then West. That will allow cold air to come further West into CA, and will also allow small storms to drop down the coast like the one we saw this weekend.

What we will be looking for is the jetstream to come under the ridge developing in the North Pacific towards the end of next week. The models have been starting to show a series of storms starting around the 12th. Right now everything in the long-range supports cold and snow the second half of February, just waiting for the models to catch on as we go through the week.

Just hold on 2 more weeks here as the pattern change begins and then we should have snow to talk about much more often the second half of the month. Stay tuned......BA

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