Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hope my rant yesterday didn't lose anyone. Today the models are backing up the hypothesis that the pattern bringing mild weather and rain this week will shift next week to bring us cold and snow. The blocking high pressure in the Pacific will push East a little which will push the low pressure trough in the Northeast Pacific East a little. That puts us in the aim of the jetstream and the cold closer to us. Looks like we could get a nice series of snowstorms starting the the middle of next week for several days, and then maybe quiet for Christmas weekend. A repeat of Thanksgiving? The rant is below.

Every month I like to do a re-cap of the weather from the previous month. November was a record cold and record snow month. Using the Truckee Airport reporting station the low temperature record in Truckee was broken 3 times, the lowest of which was -13. That is an 85 degree swing from the warmest temp of 72 in the beginning of the month. The temperature for the month averaged 4.8 degrees below average. That is 10 straight months below average. Truckee has only been above average 4 months in the past 3 years which I would attribute to the Pacific going into it's cold cycle. Over 5 feet of snow for the month at the airport was around 30% of the annual average. Many ski resorts reported over 100 inches in November, some claiming it was the most snowfall on record for November. Total precip in the Tahoe Basin was 140% of average. We are now up to 40% of the total annual average precip for the water year, and we are only 2 months into the water year. BA

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