Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas......

It will be a white Christmas later today as a weakened storm pushes through. The storm is not splitting as much as the Monday storm as it pushes onshore this morning. That may mean a tiny bit more precip makes it's way into the Tahoe Basin. May need to nudge snow totals up to 3-6 inches in the Village instead of 2-4, and 6-9 inches on top. The snow should start by this evening and then be done by morning with only left over scattered snow showers on Sunday.

Clouds should be around Monday and Tuesday as the jetstream stays just to our North and then lowers down the coast. A moderate size storm should arrive Tuesday night and last into Thursday. Over a foot of snow is on tap and lots of cold air. More on the long range is yesterday's post below. Merry Christmas.......BA

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