Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Perfect Set - Up..........

Storms dropping down to our East this weekend will keep it windy and cool. The clouds may keep the overnight temps a little too warm for snow making, it will be close.

Colder air and lighter winds starting Monday. That will allow snow making but also inversions to set-up so a little warmer up high at night.

Then things get interesting. A massive area of cold air will be working it's way South down the coast all week and will arrive next weekend. This will crush the ridge in the Eastern Pacific and it will reform in the Gulf of Alaska. We at least get cold and light snow from the cold invasion, the question is how much snow. If the high pressure reforms far enough North into the Gulf of Alaska it could allow Southern Jetstream moisture to come underneath into CA. That would be the perfect set-up for a big early season snowstorm next weekend. We will have to watch all week to see how much snow we will get.

Looking long-range the cold air sticks around Thanksgiving week and the ridge in the Pacific stays out around 160w. We have to watch the NAO as it could go negative and block in the cold trough as it moves into the East. That would put a ridge over the West and slow the storms trying to hit the West Coast. If the blocking doesn't happen then we could see more storms the weekend after Thanksgiving......BA

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