Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching On........

Northstar picked up another 3-5 inches from the snow showers Tuesday night. That made the 3 day total at 13 inches on top and 5 at the base, not a bad start to November.

Quieter weather for at least a week. We will have cool air and snowmaking temps at night. We'll get a little reinforcing shot of cold air on Sunday as a storm drops down to our East through the Rockies.

The models this morning are starting to catch on to the pattern change that should happen within the next two weeks. This is due to the MJO in the Western Pacific and the negative PNA. We should see the Eastern Pacific ridge retrograde West towards the end of next week allowing storminess to enter the West coast. If the trend continues we could have some more snow in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Stay tuned......BA

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