Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Going.......

Just as expected we are in a pattern here in April where cold storms will keep coming trying to make winter hold on as long as expected. First let's get go over the March numbers and then get into the next round of snowfall coming this weekend.

March ended up being 3.5 degrees below average temperature wise. The snowpack ended the month at 87% of average in the Tahoe Basin as compared to 77% of average this time last year. We had 5 days of snowfall the first 5 days of April on top of that so the snowpack to date is probably a bit higher. Total precip for the month was 101% of average which brings the water year up to 89% average since October. With a wet and snowy April on tap we should improve even more. Keep your fingers crossed.

A cold front will move through tomorrow dropping temps about 10 degrees for Friday and Saturday. On Sunday a cut-off low will be dropping towards the CA coast. A big change in the models today. The last few days they were bringing this storm into So-Cal. Today they are bringing the storm into Central CA. The difference would be snow showers with light accumulations if it goes into So-Cal vs. over a foot of snow if it comes into Central CA. As always it is hard to track cut-off lows as they are detached from the flow of the jetstream. We will have to watch to see if we end up with another dump and pow day for Monday.

Another weak storm behind this one could bring us some more snow Tuesday into Wednesday. After a short break another storm approaches the coast for closing weekend. We have a shot of closing the mountain in a snowstorm with another powder day. Storminess looks to continue the second half of the month even after the resort closes. BA

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