Friday, April 2, 2010

Hangin Tough........

Winter does not want to leave. With the cold trough in place and the warm April sun overhead, some convective snow showers popped up yesterday afternoon bringing another 2 inches of snow to Northstar.

This morning the next storm has already pushed in to Northwestern CA. Snow will begin to fall on the West side of the crest by early afternoon and should begin to push over into Tahoe by this evening. The dynamics of this storm will promote a lot of shadowing by the crest. Looking for around 2-4 inches in the Village with 3-6 inches above 7000 ft. 

Snow showers will end Saturday morning for a brief break Saturday afternoon. A weak wave of moisture may spark off snow showers Saturday night just ahead of the next big storm that moves in Sunday morning. Some models have the snow starting Sunday morning and other have it holding off until the afternoon with a slower solution. The GFS is the faster model and shows only and inch of liquid which would mean around a foot of snow. The rest of the models are going with the slower solution bringing 2 inches of liquid and 2 feet or more of snow. Right now I'm going with a foot in the Village with 2 feet on top by Monday.

With another wave behind the storm snow showers could linger Monday into Tuesday before finally clearing out. The rest of the week it warms back into the 40's with sun. This will be short lived however as the active jetstream will bring another storm to the coast by next weekend. With the MJO continuing it's moderate strength and headed into the Pacific over the next few days, we should see a storm mid-month as well. Don't worry summer lovers, I promise it will be warm and sunny in June.......BA

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