Monday, April 12, 2010

Bonus Snows.......

Northstar picked up 10 inches overnight and it's still snowing.  The resort is now at 422 inches on the season which is 72 inches above their annual average.  Snow showers will continue today into tonight as the main low spins in off the Pacific and across Tahoe.  Northstar could pick up an additional 6-9 inches above 7000 ft. by tomorrow morning which is where the 12-18 inch storm total idea came from. In the Village I would say 3-6 inches, but that may be less or only on top of snow as the high sun angle can prevent accumulation even through the clouds this time of year. Temps won't be as cold as last weeks storm, with highs in the 30's today.

Things begin to dry out on Tuesday as the sun returns and temps begin to warm. Should be back in the 40's by Wednesday and near 50 by Thursday and through the weekend on the mountain, upper 50's at lake level. Wednesday night and Friday night a few snow showers could roll through but nothing more than a dusting expected. This nice weekend coming up will close out the season for Northstar with the best conditions since spring of 06'.

Next storm is on track to bring snow on Tuesday of next week to Tahoe.  I do continue blogging after the season is over through the summer and into the fall.  I will have a season recap of precip and temps by the first week of May.  Over the summer I will be talking about how next season looks.  Right now we are looking to have a La Nina pattern.  So stay tuned........BA 

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