Friday, April 16, 2010


Finishing the season off with amazing conditions under sunny skies following over 6 feet of snow in the beginning of April. 

There is actually more snow on the way next week and the week after even though the resort is closed.  Looking at a foot possible on Tuesday with lingering cold and snowshowers through Friday.  Another cold storm is on tap for the following Tuesday.  This will help to keep the snowpack above 100% as it is now. 

The sun is spotless again today and with the volcanoes erupting, Pacific earthquakes upwelling cold water, the Pacific heading into it's cold cycle and a La Nina emerging again we are in for a cooling climate coming up the next couple years.  We may be back next year to the pattern of the past 3 winters in the Sierra with colder than normal temps with drier winters full of powdery storms.  We can still have a big season during La Nina, it is just less likely. 

Stay tuned to the main Tahoe weather site over the off-season where I will be discussing the weather over the summer and the upcoming season of 10/11.  BA

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