Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bluebird with 14 inches of powder and highs in the 20's. Northstar has started the month with close to 3 feet so far which is a good start to getting to our goal of breaking the 350 inch average.  Only about 15 inches short now.

Bad news is that the storm door is closed for at least 10 days. Good news is that I think we will easily get more than the other 15 inches the last week of the month.

Temps tomorrow & Monday will warm quickly with highs in the 40's on the mountain and 50's at lake level. Tuesday and Wednesday highs will be in the 50's on the mountains and near 60 at lake level as the ridge builds over the Western half of the country putting us in the Southerly flow. Wednesday night a storm hits the Pacific NW and pushes the ridge Eastward cooling temps back into the 40's on the mountains and 50's at lake level for Thursday and Friday.

Next weekend a ridge will build along the West coast all the way up through Canada blocking storm activity. The only place for the storms to go will be underneath of the ridge. Cold air from Canada will be trying to back in over the West next weekend which will hold the ridge in place, but as we go into the following week the ridge should shift Northward allowing the storms to come underneath into CA.

We have been talking about this developing for a couple of weeks now and the models are starting to show it. This would be the 3rd time this year this pattern develops, the last being the the middle of January. The result would be a train of storms hitting CA the last week of the month. Don't be fooled into thinking winter is over during the next 10 days, keep the shovels handy.......BA

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