Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Base, Big Sun........

Beautiful weekend for skiing and riding. I took a few turns today and there is a big base and the snow is soft. Only weather to speak of the next 7 days looks to be some clouds from storms going by to our North Sunday and Tuesday. Otherwise it will be sunny and 40's all week.

Cold air over the East will hold the ridge in place over the West all week. What will begin to happen towards the end of the week is that the ridge will shift North into Western Canada opening the storm door underneath along the West coast. Looking for storms to start rolling through sometime next weekend.

The way the pattern is setting up we could be in for another prolonged snowy period the last week of February into March. The last week of February may make up for the rest of the month as the snowy week in December and January did for those months. Stay tuned.........BA

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