Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Resurfacing........

Northstar had some heavier bands of snow set up over the mountain last night ahead of the main frontal band which helped to boost their snow totals.  Main band of heavy snow moved through the area between 2 and 6 a.m.  Northstar is reporting 9 inches at the base and 18 inches on top in total from the storm since yesterday morning.  The snow has now tapered off to showers and should completely end by this afternoon with light additional accumulations possible.

Ridge quickly moves in with highs in the 40's by tomorrow and near 50 on Friday with plenty of sun.  The pattern change begins to take shape on Saturday.  The next storm is the first in a long train of about 6 storms in a 10 day period.  The first storm on Saturday will fall apart as its job is to move the ridge out of the way opening the storm door, and to moisten the atmosphere.

First big storm arrives Sunday night.  Early for snow totals but at least 2 feet looks to be possible for the first storm Sunday into Monday.  Not much of a break before the second storm for Tues/Wed, and then the third storm for Thurs/Fri.  That will be followed by the fourth storm on Sun/Mon and the fifth on the Tuesday the 26th.  It is going to be a snowy ten days.  Just going to have to watch the exact track of each storm for snowfall amounts, but either way we will get snow from each storm.  The best part is that all of the storms will be cold with snow levels below lake level, so significant accumulations all the way down to lake level.

The MJO will be slowly wandering into the Western Pacific and strengthening over the next two weeks.  Meanwhile the NAO is not forecasted to go strong negative anytime soon forming any blocks.  There may be a bit more space between storms going towards the end of the month but teleconnection forecasts point towards the storminess continuing into February.

Stay tuned the next few days as the exact storm tracks and snow totals of next weeks storms become more clear.  BA

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