Saturday, November 14, 2009

More on the Fun.........

Snow guns still firing on the mountain.  I was up on the mountain yesterday and the snow guns were going all day and the piles were getting pretty big.  Northstar set a new record two nights ago for the most snow guns going at one time!  Cold front is sliding down to our East and everyone will stay in the 30's today. Should be another day of all day snowmaking. Ridge will start to build in tomorrow ahead of the next series of storms. Temps will warm into the 40's on the mountains and 50's in town Sun.-Tues.  Inversions will get stronger as well.

First storm will affect the area Wed. and the second storm on Friday. It now looks like the third piece of energy will stay to our North. Friday's storm looks to be the stronger storm. Too early for snow totals but models have been very consistent so I'll give you an idea of what they are thinking at this time. Wednesday storm would be around 1-3 inches at the Lake with 2-4 inches on the mountain. Friday storm would be around 6-9 inches at the lake and 9-12 inches on the crest for a total around 6-12 inches at the lake and 12-18 inches on the crest by Saturday. Hopefully this holds or goes higher, would make a nice base just in time for opening day!

Looking at a break in the storm activity for at least a week after as the ridge builds over the West and a trough over the Eastern half of the country. We should still some shots of cold air by the end of week 2. MJO has stalled in phase 3 so we will be looking for it to start moving East again and for the PNA to reverse to negative going into Dec. if we want to get the storms going again. Also will help if the NAO goes positive so the troughs don't get locked in over the East.

Thinking that going into Dec. the classic El Nino blocking will start to form off the coast of British Columbia and the jetstream will come under and start bringing moisture into CA. BA

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