Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting Spring Weather.......

This time of year the jet shifts to our North & a blocking high sets up over CA blocking storms for the summer. What has happened the past few days is that a low has cut-off from the jet to our North & sitting off the CA coast. It is too far away to bring much wind yet, but it's drawing up moist air from the South that has been triggering showers & thunderstorms the past few days.

As the storm slowly drifts towards the coast over the next week it will draw more moisture up & create more showers & thunderstorms each day. It will also bring colder air as it moves closer. Most of this week should be off & on rain showers with temps around 60.

Models have the storm finally coming onshore with steadier rain for next weekend. Hopefully the storm will finally clear out & return summer weather by the following week.

Big start to the ski season in the Southern Hemisphere with resorts in New Zealand opening over a month early with natural snowfall bases. We could use an early start this year. Last Oct. opening I think was over a decade ago. Conditions are continuing to evolve towards El Nino for this upcoming winter. NWS maps show below avg. precip for the Pac NW this winter which would be the opposite of the past 3 winters. This would indicate the southward shift in the storm track over CA normally associated with an El Nino. Looking good!.....BA

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