Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Storm Update......

Light snow showers yesterday & overnight dropped another couple inches on top of Northstar, & a few more inches along the crest. Areas just South of Tahoe like Sierra are up to 10-12" now since Tuesday & areas along the crest 6-9". The NWS reporting station on the crest hit the seasonal snowfall average of 450" overnight.

Light snow should continue today into Friday afternoon. The storm is splitting as it comes onshore with the main energy sliding South down the coast. Still, there is a lot of moisture with the storm & computer models still show 1/2-3/4" of liquid along the Sierra which would be 6-10". There will mostly likely be some shadowing so I am thinking 10" on the crest with 6" on top of Northstar by tomorrow night. That would put Northstar over 400" on the season which is 50" over their seasonal average.

A nice weekend in store with cool temps in the low 40's Sat. gradually warming a couple degrees each day going into Monday as the ridge moves towards the coast.

Another storm dives into the Pac NW Tuesday & could come far enough South to bring another dose of light snow for Tues/Wed. It will definitely bring colder air dropping temps into the 30's for Tues. & Wed.

Beginning Thursday it looks like the ridge tries to build off the coast for a little while, keeping storms way to our North into Canada & bringing a beautiful weekend to end the season.

As of April 1st, Lake Tahoe's snow pack was at 77% of average, & precip was at 86% of average on the year. That is after a 137% of average in March. Although most resorts will hit or go above their average seasonal snowfall by this weekend, the total liquid percent of average will still be slightly below due to lots of cold storms this year with powdery snow which skiers love, but it has very low water content. Also, snowpack is below average due to the high snow levels during the big storms this year. BA


Billy said...

Great update as usual. So if I understand correctly, we've received more snow this year than in previous years?

BA said...

yes, this winter was above average. interesting if you look at a bar graph of the past 100 years. there is really not many seasons near average. it's usually above or below. Only once though that i can see since 1880 that we have had 3 consective winters of below average snowfall, so the averages were in our favor this year. We are still due for a big year though. Last big year was 1996.