Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter to End Like Spring, Spring to Start Like Winter?

Cold front is pretty much stalled over Northern CA this morning. It will slowly drift South & weaken as on more wave of moisture comes in. This will bring the steadiest precip during the day today & then ending tonight. Snow levels will hover around 7000 ft., beginning to lower this evening as the precip start to wind down. Northstar got an inch of snow overnight & areas along the crest got around 2-4". Another 2-4" is expected by tonight above 7k, 3-6" on the crest.

Starting Tuesday the ridge quickly shifts back North & East & pushes the storm track back to our North. It will be sunny & warm with temps in the upper 40's to low 50's on the mtn. Plenty of snowpack out there to enjoy in the nice weather.

Ridge looks to reform out in the perfect spot near 150w by next weekend & models are consistent with a cold storm dropping out of the Gulf of Alaska. This storm has the potential to drop decent snow down to lake level. Models also continuing to be consistent on another cold storm around the 25th, & possibly again to end March/Start April. As long as the ridge reforms & holds back out in the Central Pacific like it looks right now, we have the shot at some nice cold storms for a couple of weeks starting this upcoming weekend. BA


Anonymous said...

What's the Total Liquid forecast for the Pioneer Center?

BA said...

Precip should be done, but definitely above average on the decade, with a really nice moisture content & reservoirs are 500% of normal.