Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jan. Dumperoo in March!!

Models this morning have the storm slowing & coming in a bit further North! Both of those factors will increase the snow totals. This is going to be a cold storm so tomorrow will most likely be in the top 5 powder days this season!

Snow showers should arrive this evening with snow levels at lake level, before crashing way down to 3000 ft. Heaviest snow arrives after midnight with the main cold front. Snow showers continue most of Sunday with the slowing down of the storm. Total liquid on the latest models is 1 - 1.25" with snow ratios 20:1 on top of the mtn. with temps around 20 degrees tonight & tomorrow. That puts totals at a solid 2 ft. on top. A foot in Truckee & 18 inches more West towards Donner Lake. The crest is going to have places hit 3 ft. by the time the storm winds down Sunday night.

I'll update if there are any changes, but the storm is getting close now so not expecting too many. Get out & enjoy, spring will be here soon. BA


Anonymous said...

Enjoy all the new snow.

Northstar reporting 11-13" while Alpine reporting 16-22" from same storm, is there really that much difference or just how the each mountain reports their snow totals?


BA said...

there is that much difference. Northstar is not along the crest so it get's shadowed.

Anonymous said...

So northstar back from the sierra crest means less snow. Is it the same for Squaw Mtn. which reported 12-15" vs. Alpine at 16 - 22"?

Anonymous said...

Not to do with Northstar but you might now;

why get Alpine have 495" Annual (average) but Squaw only 450", is this just due to averages being taken over different years or is there actually that much difference?