Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold Weeks, Nice Weekends, One More Storm Cycle?

With the ridge to our West bumping the storms to our North Washington State got dumped on with several feet of snow the past 2 days. That storm will slide down over Nevada & Utah bring some colder temps for tomorrow. May not get out of the 30's on the mtn. Could see a flurry as the cold front goes thru tonight.

Temps will warm Fri.-Sat. hitting the 50's Saturday. Another inside slider Sunday with a strong cold front will cool temps again into the 40's for most of next week. A 3rd storm sliding down to our East Wed. will keep the temps cold before they start to warm into the weekend ahead of the next storm.

The ridge looks to possibly move back towards the Central Pacific allowing cold storm activity to return the week of the 5th. Could be one last decent storm cycle before everyone packs up shop. BA


Anonymous said...

IS confidence in storms for 2nd week of April growing??

Anonymous said...
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BA said...

your forecast? who are you? Mother Earth or owner of the weather models? Bold statement.

Anonymous said...

Hey BA, you were on the nose last weekend for that storm. Killer Pow. Thanks for all the hard work you put in so we don't have to. Keeping my fingers crossed for that April storm.

BA said...

Just wish I could have been here to see it.

Confidence is low until about a week out usually. there is a big spread in the models so that is not what we want right now, but the possibility exists.

Anonymous said...

BA- just found out about your site 2 months ago from a friend. It has been GREAT!!!! I own a snow removal biz, and just love shredding the hills on a snowboard! Thanks for the hard work and your time put in to get us a good honest accurate weather report. You have been very helpful! Hope to meet some time!
Thanks again.