Wednesday, March 4, 2009

6 Feet on Top!!! Snow Totals......

Storm is finished, for now at least. That was the snowiest 24 hour period so far this season. Northstar received over 3 ft. on top since yesterday morning, & not much less at the bottom with 2 1/2 feet! 3 day storm total for Northstar is 1" shy of 6 ft. but I'm sure they got that inch as it was still snowing after the report came in. Over 3 1/2 ft. at the bottom, & about 2 1/2 feet fell in the village. This puts Northstar over it's seasonal average of 350" at 355" on top!

Looking at totals around the area everyone got 3 - 4 feet on top in the past 24 hours as of 6 a.m. 5 - 7 ft. was the norm on top of the for the 3 day storm totals. In town snow totals were impressive as well as it didn't even start snowing until about 24 hours ago. Truckee got a little over 2 ft. here on the East side of town & I'm sure it's more on the West side of town.

Today will be cold with scattered snow showers. Highs struggling to hit freezing in town, & should stay in the low 20's up on the mtn. A few more inches may accumulate but it's hard to tell where the snow showers will hit so totals will vary around the area. Official storm totals can't be calculated until Friday after the main low off the coast finally moves inland & we are sure the snow is completely done from this storm that has been sitting off the coast making it snow all week.

Looks like a break tomorrow with scattered clouds. Then as the main low kicks inland across SoCal after sitting off the coast all this week, we could get some light snow showers on Fri., along with a storm dropping inside of us that looks to bring more cold than snow. Some sun for Sat. & with a March sun angle it will feel warmer than it really is. Temps in the 20's on the mtn. thru Sunday and 30's in town.

Another storm goes up and over the ridge forming in the Gulf of Alaska and slides down over us Sun. into Mon. This storm won't have much moisture so we should only get light snow showers, but it will bring down lots of cold air. Highs Mon. & Tues. will be in the teens & 20's on the mtn. & low 30's in town.

Sun looks to return Tuesday as that ridge off the coast moves a little closer and blocks off storm activity. Temps should start to warm a little on Wed. into the end of the week.

Then the the ridge should re-form back out in the Central Pacific allowing more storms to take aim by the weekend of the 14th & into the following week for the possibility of another stormy period. The strength of these storms depends on the exact position of the ridge. The further west it sets up the further South the storms can dig & gather moisture. These will be cold storms coming down from the NW Pacific, up & over the ridge. Right now models show us on the Southern end of the storms with decent cold snow, but nothing really big. BA


Mark Drury said...

Great information -- thanks! You think we'll be skiing on Mother's Day this year (at Squaw or Northstar)? Probably not, but one can always hope.

Anonymous said...

Love the site BA. I'll be in Tahoe in two weeks and was wondering what resorts to hit up. I'm looking at Squaw and Northstar. I'll be there skiing from tuesday to saturday and was wondering what you would recommend? Specifically, which resort will be the least crowded on that Saturday?

BA said...

Northstar always closes by the end of April no matter how much snow.

Looks pretty stormy again in about 10 days, if this keeps up we may be skiing Squaw on Memorial Day.

Both resorts get crowded on Saturday's, they are probably the two most popular resorts.

Northstar has great tree skiing, groomers, and parks. Squaw has amazing bowls and back country.

Anonymous said...

See ya tomorrow!