Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Update.....

No major changes to talk about. Storm still on track for Thurs-Sat. Models disagree on who gets the most snow, Tahoe or south of Tahoe. Those details will become clearer in the next few days.

Models are starting to catch onto the idea of the southward shifted polar jet for the middle-end of Feb. If this pans out the hose would be turned on and we could easily go back to avg. or above snowfall on the year. Will be interesting to watch. BA


JN said...

OK, so we are coming to South Lake Tahoe (the expensive part) all the way from the UK, arriving Feb 19 for just over a week.
Is the bad UK / Dollar rate the only bad thing to happen this hoilday?
Will the snow and weather make up for it?

BA said...

The snow isn't that bad right now. The base has held strong with the cold air. Last weekend we got 2 feet on top. A couple of storms in Feb. and you should be fine. No way to forecast storms all the way out to the 19th, but looking at the possibity of it being pretty stormy around then.