Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 4 P.M.

Slow moving storm is currently sitting off the coast spinning in moisture. Heavier band has been over Tahoe all day with 10" in the village as of 4 p.m. so guessing well over a foot up top. Snow will continue until Wed. morning. Estimates are now over 2ft. in town and up to 5ft. on top of the mtn. by Wed. morning. Snow may lighten up a little into Mon. morning as the heavy band shifts West but by Mon. afternoon it shifts back over Tahoe and lasts into Mon. night. The main low comes thru Tuesday with another shot of heavy snow and then snow showers waning into Wed. morning.

Next storm is just off the coast by Wednesday. This is a big storm with subtropical moisture that was forecasted to hit us on Wednesday. It now looks like it will stall off the coast due to a big trough to be carved out over the Eastern U.S. that will block the high from progressing East that is over the Rockies. This will put a jam in the flow of storms for couple days only. Sometime around Fri-Sat. a storm will come out of Alaska & possibly tap into the moisture from the storm stalled off the coast. Latest models show this storm bringing quite a bit of snow next weekend.

Models show the storms continuing to drop down from Alaska thru the end of the month & into March. According to Ed Berry's latest discussion, he believes the ridge will hold over Hawaii for at least the next couple weeks and possibly into spring. This should leave the storm door open for a while as storms slide over the ridge and into CA. BA


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