Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday P.M. Post....

On the radar it looks like one last narrow band is making it's way towards the Sierra for this evening. It has been snowing most of the day on the mtn. & raining in town with the snow levels between 6500-7000 ft. Showers should begin to taper off overnight as the moist flow moves away.

Should have a break Tuesday between systems with some sun.

Models are in better agreement for Wed./Thurs. system. The storm will be sliding down the coast & currently looks to stay near land and then moves in over Oregon. This is not the track that we are looking for. We need the storm to come down the coast further and go over the ocean a little more to pick up more moisture. Right now it looks like a colder storm with snow, but not as moist. The bulk of the snow looks to fall up near Lassen & Shasta. We would get a few inches on the mtn. Still have 3 days for the track to hopefully change.

Friday looks to be another break with some sun, and then ridge in the Central Pacific looks to back all the way up to 170-180w by the weekend. This will allow a storm to dive South way West of us out in the ocean. The storm looks to then tap into some more subtropical moisture and send it our way by Sat./Sun. This would give us a scenario similar to this past weekend with some more wet snow on the mountain.

Ridge out in the Pacific then looks to start progressing East the first week of March. This would cause storms to dive down from Alaska closer to the West coast instead of further West. This would eleminate the warmer subtropical tap making the storms colder with lower snow levels. We would like to see the ridge sit around 150w. As long as the ridge remains out over the Central Pacific & doesn't come too close to the West Coast we should remain in an active weather pattern. BA


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