Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Morning Tweaking.....

If you seen rain don't worry this is a 6 day storm, 4 of which will have snow levels at or below lake level.

Northstar reporting 3 inches so far on top as of 5 a.m. and some resorts on the crest reporting up to 5. Accumulating snows have been confined to above 7500 ft., although there are wet snowflakes falling at the base lodge and a mix in the village this morning with a temp of 34.

Abundant subtropical moisture, more than expected, is pulling northward this morning. This will keep snow levels up a little higher than thought yesterday. They should hover around where they are now, at or just below 8000 ft. thru tomorrow. Moderate-Heavy precip should continue into the evening as the main low moves across NorCal during the day. Up to an inch of liquid so up to a foot is possible above 8000 ft. by tonight.

There should be a break in the action later tonight into tomorrow as the first low departs, but don't rule out showers. Next storm dives in Friday night into Saturday. Snow levels will start at 8000 then fall to lake level (6000 ft.) by early Sat. morning. This storm could drop another inch of liquid so depending on how fast snow levels drop will make a big difference in how much snow you get depending on your elevation. Above 8000 could get an addition foot by Saturday.

Not much break before the final storm hits on Sunday. This storm has snow levels starting out around 5000 ft. then falling, so lots of snow for everyone. The cold front combined with a low stalling off the coast could bring an additional 1-2 feet above 7000 ft., with up to a foot at lake level by Monday. Depending on the position of the low and how long it stalls, snow showers could linger into Tuesday & Wednesday with additional accumulations.

All said and done we are still on track for 2-4 feet on top of the Mountains by Wed. and over a foot at lake level. I will update tonight on any snow level changes and snowfall amounts. BA


Anonymous said...

New 12z gfs has it stalling into tuesday it looks like. Nice!

BA said...

Very Nice! Sometimes we get more snow with post storm showers than with the actual storm. Hoping this is the case!!