Friday, January 30, 2009

I think we're in business!!!

Models finally coming around to the idea to a change in the pattern. The ridge should begin to move East starting Tuesday as a trough hitting it's backside splits forming a cut-off low. As you know these cut-offs are hard to predict. Latest models slow the progression of the cut-off. They have a cold front coming behind it that helps to push it into Central CA on Friday. This may be better as the snow levels will start high but come down much faster. Some models even suggesting a nice subtropical tap. This could be a decent storm.

A subsequent colder storm should come down on it's heels for the weekend. Unlike last weekend, this storm will be coming over water so it will be much more moist and provide more snow for the lower levels.

This should be a transition to a much colder and stormier pattern thru at least President's weekend. Will have to continue to iron out the details of the cut-off storm for later next week. BA


Jeff said...

nice blog! I know its hard to predict so far out but im headed to tahoe the last week of feb throught the first week of march, any chance for some good condtions?

Anonymous said...

sweet. next weekend should be great!

Anonymous said...

Whoop Whoop!!Hope to see some powder at Northstar 2/6-2/14!!