Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here is the link from the NWS for their special weather statement regarding the upcoming cold & snow.


Will trend temps down a couple of degrees once again tonight and tomorrow night. May squeek by just getting down to 32 degrees at 8000 ft. the next two nights. Clear sailing from there. Temps this weekend look to be highs in the 20's and lows in the 10's in town, and highs in the 10's and low in the the single digits up high. Latest computer output for precip this weekend is around .5 inches of liquid. with snow to water ratios possibly around 20:1 we could get 6-10 inches on the mountains thru Tuesday of very light and fluffy powder. Storm Tuesday is trending towards coming onshore in SoCal. I am watching Thursdays storm, it looks like a better track.

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