Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little break......

Snow has become spotty and showery this morning which will continue today and then end by tonight. With clear skies and snow on the ground the temps will dip below zero tonight.

Looking at snow totals around the different peaks it looks like a solid 4ft. being reported as of this morning across the entire western ridge. Northstar is reporting 2 1/2 ft. but my guess is that it was much closer to 3 or more. It can be hard to get completely accurate snow totals as some places measure once a day and then clear a clean spot to measure the next day which is the way it is supposed to be measured, and other locations just measure the total on the ground which can be inaccurate because of the settling of the snow each day and the weight being added on top crushing the snow below. Either way the models were very accurate with this storm with 3-4 ft. falling across much of tahoe and 2ft. or more in and around town.

We will get a break on Wed. before another storm moves in later in the day on Thursday. This storm is showing liquid equivalent near .5 inches, but this will be another cold storm with high snow ratios. The last storm was only 1.5-1.75 inches of liquid and look at how much snow fell. Thurs-Fri storm could drop another 10-15 inches. Will have a break on Sat. before another storm drops in on Sunday-Mon. This storm will start out warmer and then get really cold. We could be talking a couple of more feet.

We may be setting up for at least a two week pattern of being locked in the cold and having storms drop thru CA every couple of days with decent snows. I am sticking to my over 100 inches by the end of the month comment for now. Will have to watch the pattern evolve by the weekend. I have been on the East Coast since last Thurs. so I haven't even seen the snow yet, I will be back tomorrow and will discuss the long range pattern setting up and include some Ed Berry comments. BA

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